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Specification of 1.3L 60W Ultrasonic Cleaner with Mechanical Timer

Type BJUCMT1.3
Tank capacity 1.3L
Power 60W
Frequency 40KHz
Tank size(mm) 150*140*65(L*W*H)
Machine size(mm) 190*170*185(L*W*H)
Voltage 110VAC—240VAC
Functions Timer
Unit weight 2kg


Please tell us which voltage you need when you place the order

Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaner Description

  • The whole ultrasonic cleaner machine is all stainless steel structure, aesthetic and practical.
  • Using High Q ultrasonic transducer. strong power.
  • High quality of the bonding process. Stick the ultrasonic transducer using the epoxy glue.
  • The time can be adjusted as required.

 Ultrasonic Cleaner Application

  • Machinery Industry: rustproof oil removal; Measuring tool cleaning; Mechanical parts ,engine, carburetor and automobile parts of cleaning;
  • Surface treatment Industry: before plating oil removal of rust removal; Ion plating former cleaning; Phosphorus treatment; Remove carbon; Remove oxide skin; Remove polishing compound; The metal surface of workpiece activation treatment, etc.
  • Instruments Industry: precision parts high cleanness-degree cleaning before assembly.
  • Electronic Industry: printed circuit board except rosin, welding spot; High pressure contacts, and other machinery and electronic components of the cleaning, etc.
  • Medical Industry:medical equipment in the cleaning and disinfection, sterilization, the vessels of the experiment cleaning, etc.
  • Semiconductor Industry:semiconductor wafer high cleanness-degree cleaning.
  • Clocks jewelry Industry: remove oil, dirt, oxidation layer, polishing compound, etc.
  • Chemical, Biological Industry: The vessels of the experiment cleaning.
  •  Optical industry: optical device oil removal, in addition to sweat, qing ash, etc.
  •  Textile dyeing and printing Industry: cleaning textile spindle, the spinneret, etc.
  •  Oil chemical Industry: metal mesh cleaning dredge, chemical containers, switch cleaning, etc.

Ultrasonic Cleaner with Mechanical Timer Video

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