Terms & Conditions
  1. Agreement and terms of use of the Dia-Store.com website
  2. Introduction
  3. Eligibility for membership
  4. Your account and registration obligations
  5. Electronic communication
  6. Amendments to the User Agreement and to this work of Dia Store.com
  7. Your personal information and transaction detail information
  8. Copyrights
  9. Trademarks
  10. Dyaj Store.com damages
  11. Confidentiality
  12. Cancel access and / or membership
  13. No guarantee
  14. Defining the responsibilities
  15. Safety
  16. Relationship and notices
  17. Transfer of rights and obligations
  18. general information

Introduction :

Welcome to Diag-Store.com, the following are the terms and conditions related to your use of and access to the pages of "Diag-store.com"
and all the pages, links, tools and features related to it. Your use of Diagstore.com is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement,
which includes all the details below. With "DiagStore.com", with regard to your use of the site, referred to hereinafter as "the use agreement".
This agreement is valid upon accepting the approval option.

Eligibility for membership

The site membership is only granted to those over 18 years old. DiagStore.com has the right to cancel the account of any member who has not reached the age of 18 while committing to settling his financial accounts as soon as the account is closed.

No person has the right to use the site if his membership is canceled from Diag Store.com.
In the event that any user registers as a commercial institution, his commercial establishment shall be bound by all the conditions mentioned in this agreement.
You must comply with all applicable laws to regulate online commerceNo member or organization has the right to open two accounts simultaneously for any reason, and the site administration has the right to freeze the two accounts or cancel one of them while committing to liquidate all operations

Finance related to the account before closing it.

Users, individuals and organizations, must abide by commercial contracts with members.
Your account and registration obligations
Once you submit the application for registration to obtain membership in the site, you are required to disclose specific information and choose a secret username and password to use when entering the site.
And upon acceptance of the registration application, you will be considered a member of the site, and by that, you will have agreed to

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