Return Policy

How to return the goods ?
1. contact us on the following numbers 00201200018856 during the period of 48 hours (two days) from the date of your receipt of the product.

2. You'll receive an e-mail message containing a pre-paid shipping label for you print and attached to the commodity, and we will make the necessary to deliver the item to a shipping service provider arrangements we have.
3. Item prepared Bglafha original packaging, do not remove any stickers on the cover, then gluing Air Waybill on the cover of the item, and then handed over to the representative of the transport company.
4. Once the receipt of the item that was returned, will be examined to make sure her condition, and then the money will be returned to you procedures.

In the case of devices that need to activate :
• activation are not taken until after 48 hours received a call from the representative of the shipping company acknowledging receipt of the customer to the product
• If the product is defective device replacement according to the warranty policy
• If the client changed his mind during the first 48 hours of receiving the device bear the cost of shipping
• If the device Send error relates to us within a period of 7 working days from the date of receipt of the commodity.
In the case of specialized diagnostic equipment (and all of the appliances original - or without guarantee)
• Emphasis will be on how to use the product and explain that the device does not ensure the attic and not replace
• In case that was defective will be sure that after sending the product to us in this case will be their last proper replacement or refund him

Some of the questions
In the event that the item is not working properly / damaged, how can recover the funds paid?
When you receive the item in case of damaged or not working properly, you can then re-item to us in the same condition that you received them and the same original packaging. Once we are receiving the item, we will inspect and, if found to be defective or damage it, we will begin immediately re-money you procedures, or to deal with them according to the warranty policy, both those that paid the price of a commodity or those paid to ship the commodity and connected to you.
Item received that were not the same as the item you requested, how can I return it?
Starters, you apologize for this unintentional error. In this case, you can re-item in the same condition and packaging that you received it and send it to us. Once we receive your item, we will immediately begin the return of all amounts paid by financial Here procedures

I've changed my mind I no longer want the item that you have bought, can I returned? How?
Of course you can redistribute those item that you no longer want Aguenaha, we understand that the right buyer gets exactly Mairead goods they want in addition to the right to change its opinion with respect to a commodity to buy it from. In this case, all you need is to contact us to cancel your order and we will bring you a full money back. In case you have received the item, it will be able to return within a period of 3 days from the date of your receipt, provided that it does not have the item (a) included in the list of goods that can not be returned (b) Item included with the card will not be shown that it can not return this item (c) be re-item in the same condition that you received it with the cover. In all cases, you can contact the customer service center 01117225 or visit the Contact Us page on the site for more information. According to the Consumer Protection Act, we offer a 14-day deadline to return the item, provided that the item is re-operation within the conditions compatible with this law

What are the goods that I can not return?
Goods that can not be returned are: - all goods which clearly shows that this item can not be returned. - When Reviews item clear that he can not return this item after the sale in addition to all goods expendable set forth in consumer rights with regard to the goods sold.

Can I return the item that I bought after 3 days?
 However, in the event of certain circumstances that prevented what between you and re-item within 3 days of the date of purchase, you please contact our customer service 01140403034 or send a complaint through the Contact Us page on the site. All complaints in this case are being studied independently. In general, all goods that are approved must be returned to that subject to the provisions and consumer protection laws. According to the Consumer Protection Act, we offer a fourteen-day deadline to return the item, provided that the item is re-operation within the conditions compatible with this law

If you paid cash on delivery, How can I restore my money?
 The return of funds paid are fast and extremely smooth after the receipt of item. Ida you pay the price of the item when you receive them in cash, the amount paid will be transferred to your account balance will be added to the site. In this case it will be able and easily either be played using this balance in the purchase of other goods, or will be added in a personal account for each client in the case to make sure that my defective already will send a message to make sure this process on Mobile and contact him after the customer certainly on the site of the money back to his bank account then the process will be the conversion.

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